Who Is Summit for?

Summit is organized ecumenically meaning youth groups from the Episcopal, Lutheran, Presbyterian Church (USA), and United Methodist Churches (and other mainline traditions) are invited to gather in Asheville under one roof.

Summit is a retreat for all middle and high schoolers! Those that have attended in the past have many different reasons as to why they went.

Summit is for those looking to have an annual retreat that their youth can anticipate each year.

Summit is for the group looking for a one time fall retreat for their youth.

Summit is for the church looking to celebrate their students completing their confirmation process.

Summit is also for those looking to just have a great time! .

Summit is for YOU! We look forward to seeing you this October and making lasting memories.


Why Choose Summit?

Summit is an action packed weekend that focuses on empowering youth and showing them that they can make a difference in this world. Summit is organized ecumenically, meaning youth groups from the Episcopal, Lutheran, Presbyterian and United Methodist denominations (and other mainline traditions) are invited to gather in Asheville under one roof. It starts on Friday night where you are greeted with games, skits and drawn in by powerful messages and lively music. After the first session we disperse into small groups where youth get to meet new people from across the region. The leaders are put into their own small groups and everyone discusses their thoughts and feelings from the session. Saturday morning there is another session followed by small groups and then there are 7 hours of free time where youth groups go out and make this trip their own. Some groups work on team building, others use the time to explore the mountains and Asheville, while other groups use the time to serve the community. We all gather back Saturday night for another incredible worship service, small groups and dismiss to catch up on some much needed sleep. Sunday morning is more intimate, with an acoustic worship and a final send off. Small groups will exchange their social media and phone numbers, and keep in touch with their lasting friendships that blossomed over one weekend.

Whether you are looking for a confirmation celebration, an annual retreat, a fall retreat or simply a good time, Summit is ready for you.